Review: Being Gigantic - As Long As You Need

Being Gigantic As Long as You Need is an emotional ride through a beautiful 10 track album of soulful down-tempo hip-hop. I have a hard time finding too many bad things to say about this album considering how solid it is from start to finish. Each track goes on for just the right amount of time and they have no trouble keeping themselves interesting.
As Long As You Need is a very well crafted album, with every song on the album sounding perfectly in place but just different enough for each song to stand out on its own. The style throughout this album is very consistent and remains remain fairly uniform. The energy goes up and down and up and down with songs closely paired like "Maybe Someday" and the  song the album is named from "As Long As You Need"; but it's less like a roller coaster and like a nostalgic car ride. It's gentle and introspective bringing a lot of feelings forward. Being Gigantic exercises great use of vocal samples in this album giving it just the right amount of flair and extra emotion to tie the pieces together. The fact that the album is name your price on Being Gigantic's Bandcamp and that there's a humorously ethereal remix of Lil B at the end is just the icing on the cake.


As Long As You Need is beautifully done and fits the genre well.




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