Review: Savant - Invasion

Savant released a new album a couple of days ago on the 26'th and I'm not particularly sure what to say about it. It was fun... for a little bit.

The album starts out with a song called Orphan which despite having a long buildup caused me to become very optimistic about the rest of the album. Orphan is a song that promises greater things and an album with hopefully a few summer jams on it, but as I continued to listen I was let down by Savant. Each song on this album has an average time of about 5 minutes each, so with the already long track listing of 18 songs listening to this album becomes a very slow crawl.

Being long isn't neccesarily a bad thing though! 18 songs at 5 mintues each is a lot of bang for your buck, and I havent even mentioned that on Bandcamp it's name your price! With that considered its not really a bad thing that it's so long, but the songs on this album fail to stand out from each other and end up all running together like a messy watercolor panting that isn't turning out exactly how you expected.

Savant does a lot of things with the music to keep a lot going on in the songs but there's so much happening all the time that it almost becomes commonplace. I found that after a while of listening I kept checking the time to see how much longer was left in each song.

Some of my favored songs off this album are Orphan, Problematimaticalulatorture, and Massacre.

From the "le epic" style album art to the too familiar melodies, this album is disappointing. It has its redeeming qualities such as the option to name your price and a lot of content. It will likely please fans of this genre and style of music.



Above Average



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